Using the krossroads Mobile App you can activate or deactivate a device terminal.

The activation status of a terminal determines whether the terminal will be able to perform restricted operations, for example, connecting to a card reader or receipt printer.

  • The number of terminals that can be activated for a company depends on the number of seats that have been purchased under the company subscription.

A company could have many terminals that are able to login, however only the activated terminals will be able to perform restricted operations. 

So a terminal that is listed but not activated would still be able to login and perform none-restricted operations.

To activate a device terminal:

  1. Navigate to the Settings screen
  2. Under Terminal Settings, tap the Terminal Name field,

  3. And on the Terminal Name modal window that appears, type in the terminal name.
  4. Then under the "Is Activated Terminal" field, toggle on to activate a terminal, and when you toggle off the terminal will be deactivated. 
  5. Then proceed to tap OK, for Activation or Deactivation.

The ability to activate or deactivate a device terminal depends on the role/permissions assigned to the account. 

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